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What is IPTV?
It ‘a service of television reception through the Internet, they do not serve them parables antennas, only an internet connection.

What do I need to see IPTV?
-A Provider of IPTV services in question.

On which devices can I see IPTV?
-A Normal PC running VLC media player.
-An Enigma 2 Decoder installed with an ‘image LEAST OE 2.0
(Italysat, OpenAtv, OpenPLi with OE version 2.0, NonSoloSat V7, DreamElite 4.0, NewEnigma2 v4.0)
Nemesis is OE 1.6 if you want to try the same, you do not have it in ways EXPERIMENTAL.

– Any smartphone with Android or IOS board.
– Smart tv wifi (best via ethernet)

Can I see multiple devices simultaneously through the same subscription IPTV?
No, they are like Cline, a subscription to a device.

Yes, but I see the same with two devices simultaneously, and it stops.
Time 3 hours and you are banned for duplication of the IP address that connects to their server, or dual IP to the same server.

Can I see IPTV with two different devices (PC / dec / dec etc.) do not at the same time?

How much bandwidth do I need to make use of these services?
-through A common ADSL are the least 4Mb (whereas a channel in HD takes an average of 450kb / s to 650 Kb / s)

IPTV sometimes crashes and jerky!
Your ADSL fails to be sufficient to the amount of data required for viewing of the video stream.
If you block or stutters you too many devices connected to simultaneously use and saturate the bandwidth of your connection.
If you have a 4Mb’ll almost certainly you have to turn off or do not use other devices in addition to the one connected to the TV to watch IPTV.
If you have a 20Mb or higher you should not experience any problems.

Check your speed here:

How can I see IPTV?
1) write to us

I want to have a test before you pay!
We offer the test 1 day!

What are channels IPTV?

IPTV channels are nothing more than links TS stream format.

Every two weeks, the channel list will refresh what it means?
Links and channel lists can change (insert new channels / films such new)

I want to use the services outside the home network with 3g / 4g many mega using IPTV?
Too many for a normal monthly tariff plan of any Italian telephone operator. You would eat quietly 2 gb in up to 2 hours of use (considering an HD channel)

Channels are blacks and not see anything!
Update the channel list, verify your ADSL, and last contact, could be temporary so we ask before waiting one hour.

My neighbor exults before me!
Normal’re late of seconds in some cases even minutes.

Personal considerations on cost / risk / quality of services.
1) visual quality, the format used is 720p with a variable frame rate of each channel and a H264 coding for the HD channels
2) No need for a satellite dish antenna it, any device maybe a PC connected to the TV (great for those who do not want to buy new decoders or weird stuff)
3) Quality of service very good in terms of timing delay 30 seconds at times and found no freeze even at peak times.
4) Price? Depends on your pockets.
5) public IP address to connect